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Wow, this is an old post. A lot has changed since it was created but I still think it's true in spirit. I'll leave it here for historical purposes and your entertainment - Josh.

Welcome to the Joy of Code, the home of Thomas 'Bruusi' Bruusgaard and Josh 'Josh' Twist. You can find out more about the two authors in our bios. In the meantime, let me fill you in on what we hope to achieve here.

We both share a deep passion and pride in what we do, which you've probably guessed already, is software development. In the past, we've worked together on a number of projects as consultants but now work in different countries for different companies. However, we regularly chat about our meanderings through the swamp of modern software development and realised that we should probably jump on the bandwagon and write about our ideas.

So we're just another .NET blog? Well, hopefully not (though .NET is our thang).

Firstly, there are two of us.

Secondly, we're setting the bar high. We promise to only post interesting stuff, preferring article style writing over blogging about our sisters.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we hope to enjoy writing it.

Bruusi Post By Bruusi
12:00 PM
12 Nov 2005

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