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Hei, my name is Thomas Bruusgaard and I am from Norway, hence the complicated surname. The nickname Bruusi, which in England often simply becomes Bruce, is of course a play on my surname.

This is my biography, so if you want to know more about the actual site, read the About Us entry.

Thomas Bruusgaard started off as a C++ developer in London. He worked there for 5 years on various software projects, eventually ending up as a .NET developer using C#. In 2004 he decided to go to Spain where he worked developing web applications and web services for the Real Estate industry.

Thomas is now working as in IT consultant for a company called Webstep in Oslo, so after nearly 11 years abroad he is back in Norway, the land of the trolls.

Thomas has always enjoyed reading other peoples blogs because of the amount of knowledge sharing they provide. This is one of the main reason why he decided to start publishing some of his own thoughts and ideas. Another big reason for this decision is that he hugely enjoys working with his good friend Josh whom he can always trust to give great feedback on any topic, technical or not.

In his spare time he likes to keep active in terms of sports, reading and on the odd occations when he watches TV, David Attenborough is an absolute favorite.

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Bruusi Post By Bruusi
12:00 PM
14 Nov 2005

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