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Not everybody has superhuge monitor

Jeremy Miller recently linked to thejoyofcode.com after we gave him some tips to help him resolve problems with the width of his site (namely, firing javascript commands from the address bar to simulate what a user with a lower resolution has to deal with).

Sadly, I'm one such user, stuck with a laptop running a maximum resolution of 1,024x768. Yes, I know I should get a bigger screen but the matter is out of my hands for now. But it's also out of lots of other user's hands too...

We use the awesome Google Analytics to monitor traffic (in addition to awstats) and here's the breakdown of screen resolutions for visitors to thejoyofcode.com:

Breakdown of screen resolutions visiting thejoyofcode.com

So over 30% of users visiting this site (which is purely technical in content) are, like me, stuck with a resolution of 1,024x768 most of hte time. That's a lot of people.

Jeremy's most recent post racks in at a whopping 1,389 pixels wide (determined using this javascriptlet - javascript:alert(document.body.scrollWidth) [IE only]) which means you're going to be scrolling even on a 1,280x1024 resolution.

Wide post

Please Jeremy, I implore you, stop using the <pre> tag and test your site against lower resolutions. Here's that javascriptlet again: javascript:void(window.resizeTo(1024,768));. It can even be added to favourites :)

PS - Sorry if it seems like I'm picking on you Jeremy but your site is the worst (in fact, the only) culprit in my current blogroll.

Josh Post By Josh Twist
2:31 AM
17 Jul 2006

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