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Visiting the Patterns and Practices Team

There are many reasons to be excited about working for Microsoft but one of the best perks has to be the opportunity to work with some of the Product Groups in the US.

This week I'll be in Redmond at Microsoft campus to meet up with the famous P&P team. We'll also be meeting some other MS legends including Richard Turner and Ian Ellison-Taylor to talk about identity (Cardspace et al) and WPF respectively. Finally we'll be hearing from the guys behind the CCF which is creating a buzz inside and outside of MS at the moment.

The only downside is I had to put up with this man for fourteen hours on the flight from Manchester...

Jonathan Swift

I've had my eye on the GAX (Guidance Automation eXtensions) and the GAT (Guidance Automation Toolkit) for a while now but there are still huge gaps in my knowledge and it will be great to hear about this from the source. There's a lot of excitement about software factories and it's looking to become a cornerstone of the architecture and development communities in the not too distant future.

There isn't a lot of free time in the agenda but my aim is to post about some of the interesting stuff when I can. Stay tuned to hear some pennies dropping...

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
7:10 PM
01 May 2007

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