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Vista Woes

I made a very slapdash decision on Saturday morning to install Vista Beta 2 on my desktop PC. I think most people who've tried it have had a relatively painless experience, but I wasn't so lucky.

Suddenly, none of my network cards will work at all and so I have no network connectivity. Network issues have to be one of the most frustrating problems - you can't just point the box at Microsoft and let it sort itself out. I've already spent about 4 hours trying to fix my desktop PC and have made no progress. Both NICs just give a 'Media Disconnected' state from ipconfig. I suspect drivers are the issue and I've tried a few variations but without any luck.

Luckily, I primarily use my laptop these days so I'm not without computer, but I thought I should post so that anybody about to take the plunge is aware of the risks and has a backup plan. In the meantime, I'll be psyching myself up for a rebuild :)

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:50 PM
29 May 2006

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Posted by Crimar @ 29 May 2006 4:00 PM
You really should install beta products on a virtual machine. There is always a risk of beta software, especially an operating system not working properly. There really is no reason why a professional should be doing such a thing?!?

Posted by Eric D. Burdo @ 31 May 2006 6:21 AM
And with the free VMWare package, you can do the virtual machines at no monetary cost.

Posted by Josh @ 31 May 2006 6:42 AM
Beginning to regret posting this...

Firstly, the machine I performed the installation upon is used for some light surfing at home and little else.

Secondly, have you tried running Vista on a VM? A colleague of mine did so on a very high spec machine and had little joy. Rick strahl reports the same on VPC: http://west-wind.com/weblog/posts/5677.aspx

Posted by Eric D. Burdo @ 01 Jun 2006 5:39 AM
I haven't tried Vista yet (on VM or on native hardware). I do know that XP doesn't perform that well, so I can image what Vista would be like.

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