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WPF Hands on labs

Finding time to keep up with technology is really hard. Especially the last 18 months which has seen more big releases than I can ever remember.

Given how precious your personal development time is, choosing the right learning resource becomes increasingly important. Books are great because you can read them in bed or on the train/plane/bus which isn't really practical with a webcast or tutorial. The other downside is I really don't fully get something until I actually try it.

For that hands on feel, I love Microsoft's Hands on Labs. Not only are they usually a great introduction, but they're fun too! I really enjoy working through the examples and making little changes to prove i've fully grasped the concept.

This weekend I worked through some of the WPF Hands on labs and, despite the fact that I've been working with WPF for a while now, still found some nuggets in there.

I even managed to pick up this little Click Once nugget.

Microsoft have Hands on labs for most of their key technologies, just use your preferred Search Engine to find them. Best of all, they're free!

Tags: WPF

Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:48 AM
23 May 2007

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